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 Our School Motto:  Learning For Life



What Is Montessori Education?

After years of observational and academic research, Maria Montessori founded the first Montessori school in Italy in 1907. The Montessori approach believes that each child is an individual who will best develop, if allowed to do so at his own pace. Montessori schools allow the child to control his own development and education. The educative approach aims to foster each child’s independence.


Here at Red Woods Montessori Pre-School, our children are challenged to their maximum potential in a creative, stimulating and supportive learning environment led by a team of dedicated Montessori trained teachers with a hands-on Montessori approach.


Our activities and routines are planned with a child’s sensitive periods and internal drives in mind. Children are allowed and encouraged to follow their inner voice. There are very few group activities in which all children are expected to perform in an identical manner. Children work independently at activities of their own choosing.


Curriculum activity is carefully designed with internal controls of error so the need for adult supervision and correction becomes minimal. This allows the children to develop at their own pace; it allows them to develop concentration, self-discipline, self-motivation and self-confidence.


Our long term aim is to incorporate key elements of Montessori approach with the focus on the 5 realms with a mix of international as well as local curriculum to ensure that traditional academic functions are still incorporated within the curriculum in order to ensure a holistic approach in the house of children.


These include the 5 areas:





Science – Made up of Biology and Geography